Provides the Key to Your Business Data

A Suite of Replicaton Products for OpenEdge™ Replication

The Pro2™ Suite of replication products allows you to gain access to mission critical data from your Progress-based system, quickly and easily without disruption to normal business operations or risk to the stability of the transactional database. These products are lightweight, configurable utilities for replicating data from a Progress® OpenEdge® database into a separate database. Our Pro2 Replication Suite™ includes:

Pro2SQL™ - Progress to SQL Server Replication
Pro2Pro™ - Progress to Progress Database Replication
Pro2™ - Oracle Edition - Progress to Oracle® Replication

Replication requirements arise for a variety of reasons, for example:

Heterogeneous application integration
Data archival
Business intelligence

Many of our customers are relying on their Pro2 solutions for mission critical processes within their corporate environments. The stability, reliability and ease of use of the Pro2 technology have made it a “must-have” for critical business operations.

This is a critical business application and its stability, up-time and low maintenance are impressive. This product is easy to configure and setup, and requires minimal effort to manage and maintain. Great product!
Director of Technology, Mercedes Homes

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